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Biogal’s ImmunoComb VacciCheck Antibody Test Kit
is a simple and affordable in-clinic titer test designed to monitor serological status and vaccination failure to prevent overvaccination consequences.  VacciCheck provides reliable and accurate results in just 21 minutes!
Obtaining Results

1. Obtain blood or serum from animal(s). Just 5 mL serum or 10 mL blood.


2. Deposit blood or serum sample(s) into well(s) A in developing plate.


3. Insert Comb into well(s) A. Incubate for specified time.


4. Transfer the Comb from well(s) A to well(s) F in a timed sequence. Time intervals vary according to type of kit.


5. Let Comb dry and read results. The color intensity of spots on Comb corresponds to antibody level.


Sample Results (PDF)
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How to Run the Test Video
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Pet Owners
Are you a pet owner rightfully concerned about over-vaccination consequences? Your veterinarians may not know about this affordable and effective alternative.

Bring this one page handout to your Veterinarian and talk to them about titer testing with VacciCheck!
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Latest Publication
WSAVA Recommends VacciCheck

The Worldwide Small Animal Veterinary Association recently published their latest vaccination guidelines. It's no surprise they support the use of titer testing and name VacciCheck as a viable, less-expensive option.

View the WSAVA Vaccination Guidelines Here