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Results in 21 Minutes


The only semi-quantitative 3 in 1 kit on the market, offers you results in as little as 21 minutes. 100% user friendly, easy to learn and perform, ideal for in-clinic work.
Prevent Over-Vaccination


Annual revaccination may not be necessary and may increase the risk for adverse reactions. VacciCheck eliminates the need to unnecessarily vaccinate.
Three Diseases in 1 Test


Vaccicheck is a single in-clinic test that accurately measures canine antibody titer to Infectious Hepatitis (ICH), Parvovirus (CPV) and Distemper (CDV).
Consideration for Titre Testing
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The routine administration of vaccines in dogs has been one of the most significant factors in the consistent reduction of serious canine infectious diseases.

This approach has resulted in excellent disease control for infections that were once considered important causes of morbidity and mortality.
Although all veterinarians agree vaccines are necessary, the frequency in which they're given is debated

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